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With a 100-year tradition in real estate development, we continue to uphold our values:
Transparency to customers, commitment to collateral and locating value-generating investments.
With the help of our professional team and personal accompaniment – paving the way for you to a safe real estate investment!

With a tradition of about 100 years in real estate development, we continue to maintain our values:
Transparency to customers, commitment to collateral and locating value-generating investments.
With the help of our professional team and personal guidance – paving the way for you to a safe real estate investment

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News for businesses and self-employed: State backed loans for hardships of the war.

In times of crisis, the state opens fast loan tracks for state funds, especially for self-employed • In recent days, Meny Group’s finance team has designated a task force to assist all self-employed people and…

Meny Group Investments, Entrepeneurship and Finance: "Real estate always proves itself to be a worthy investment"

The secret of Menachem (Meny) Greenbaum, CEO of Meny Group, that deals with investments, entreupenership and finance, lies not only in the professional knowledge he has accumulated, but also in the combination of the values that accompany his family: “Our transactions are built in a very safe way.

Demand from foreign investors for luxury properties - willing to pay NIS 8 million

What characterizes the investment, where were deals closed and how to locate a property in urban renewal? Exclusive information from Meny Group, experts in the field

Meny Group - Profitable Real Estate Investments

The investment world is fascinating, tempting and even exciting. Anyone who wants to enter this world knows that in these types of fields it is imperative to learn from the best professionals who will accompany you throughout the process, experts who will be available for questions and consultations, until the stage where money works for you and generates more income for you.

We at Meny Group have gathered the best minds in the field of real estate and investments, so that our team of professionals will provide you with personal guidance throughout the process, from the fundraising stage (if you do not have liquid equity for the investment), to choosing the right and most suitable investment for you.

We believe in methodical work within the framework of an orderly process, where our goal is that our clients will leave satisfied and happy with their investment, not only from a financial point of view, but also in terms of peace of mind in managing the investment.

We present our clients with the range of options that is available to them personally, in order to create the best investment mix. We build investment options for them according to the amount available for investment, while working to achieve the overarching goals that our investors aspire to reach.

We will be happy to meet you in our office for a characterization meeting at no cost.

Invest one hour of your time so that you can change your whole life!


"Don't say when I am free I will study, perhaps you will never be free" (Tractate Avot, Chapter 2 of Mishnah IV)

We understand that each investment has its own unique DNA, which includes many factors that influence the investment

Such as: price, timing, profit expectations and of course the nature of the customer.

We build customized investment mixes for our clients, according to their financial capabilities and financial with the investment

When everything comes together under one roof.

Our story:

The company’s founder, Menachem Mendel (Meny) Greenbaum, continues the legacy of his grandfather Menachem Mendel Kasher, vigorously promoting the vision of settling and building the land.

During the 1920s, Menachem Mendel Kasher, known for his commentaries on the Torah and his many published works, began to realize a beloved dream: the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Israel.

He purchased land and developed areas where Jews from all over the world gathered to settle.

In this initiative, Menachem Mendel Kasher embodied the motto:
“Aliyah to Israel for Torah and Work”.

Currently, Meny Greenbaum continues to work and spread the same principles, diligently and devotedly maintaining the vision of his great grandfather.

Meny Group was founded by CEO and owner Meny Greenbaum, who comes with a wealth of experience that includes years of work in the US,

and over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry.