The Heights of the Field –
Sde Warburg

Real Estate Investments Secure

Low initial investment with a profit potential of up to hundreds of percent

‘Shikun VBinui’ and Meny Group in a particularly profitable combination agreement.

Possibility of profit on the land of up to hundreds of percent with a low initial investment option.

Agricultural land registered in the TABU (Land Registry) in a desirable location with a constant increase in the value of the land,

With the possibility of reselling the land at any given time.

This makes the Warburg Field project a particularly lucrative deal for visionary investors.

3 min drive from the center of Kfar Saba and Raanana

Close to the beach road exit

Developed infrastructure and quality educational services

Nature and spaces that fill the soul with peace and silence

A prestigious agricultural moshav in M.A. South Hasharon

A population with a high socio-economic profile

Family and community atmosphere

Private land registered in the Tabu.

Obtaining building rights within 5-7 years

Option for reselling the land at any stage

Specifications and additional details:

Land value and building rights in the project:

The value of 100 square meters of land today according to appraisal Standard 22 is about NIS 320,000.
Ownership of 100 square meters of land, according to the expectation that after the land is thawed, building rights of about 130 square meters will be granted.
The value of rights to 130 square meters of construction, according to Standard 22, is NIS 900,000.
Expected rights – 5-7 years.

Lot position and size:

Location of Block 7676 Plot 18 – The uniqueness of Block 7676 – In its southern part, the rights and building permits were received for many plots, unlike other blocks in the area, where other agricultural lands are sold, for which no rights were received at all.

Plot size – 234.35 dunams, private land registered in the TABU (Land Registry), under jurisdiction of the Southern Sharon.

Offered for sale – 50 land units of 100 square meters.

This plot is under a suspended agreement with Shikun & Binui, which has signed on to promote and manage a master plan for high-density construction until the rights are granted.

In addition, there is a possible combination agreement for the construction phase.

Project prices

1000 square meters of land

500 square meters of land

100 square meters of land

The cost of purchasing the land

1,250,000 NIS

750,000 NIS

170,000 NIS

5% Management fee

NIS 73,125

NIS 43,875

NIS 9,945

Lawyer fee

25,000 NIS

12,500 NIS

2,500 NIS

Purchase tax 6%

75,000 NIS

45,000 NIS

10,200 NIS

Total investment including VAT

NIS 1,423,125

NIS 851,375

NIS 192,645

Appraised value for the right to an apartment after receiving the rights

NIS 9,000,000

4,500,000 NIS

900,000 NIS

Planning costs after receiving rights

351,000 NIS

175,500 NIS

35,100 NIS

Expected profit before tax

NIS 7,225,875

NIS 3,473,125

NIS 672,225

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