Nofei Mevasseret
Mevasseret Zion

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When art, culture, and luxury meet – the unique concept apartments in Nofei Mevasseret
We design the residence of your dreams tailored specifically for you.

Meny Group, one of Israel’s leading real estate marketing companies, brings a new and meticulous international design with a unique concept for each apartment.
The Mevaseret Zion Views project, marketed by Meny Group, has created an opportunity for creative and groundbreaking thinking.

Utilizing this creative thinking, we teamed up with various designers from around the world who brought their unique angles and diverse cultural perceptions to the apartment designs in the complex.

Fast access to Highway 1.

10 minutes from the center of Jerusalem

Open view, quiet and green environment.

Residing in Jerusalem at an exceptional living standard.

A population with a high socio-economic profile

Living the dream with a design concept that is both inventive and eco-conscious.

Building garden and luxury apartments through detached and saturated construction methods.

Construction is expected to begin in about 6 months

Specifications and additional details:

Luxurious boutique detached apartments alongside a diverse garden ensemble:

– Magical Penthouse
– 2 garden apartments-
5 rooms, 2 5-room apartments
– Land with rights
– Construction before permits

Construction is expected to begin in about 6 months

Equity starting from NIS 2,300,000

This project goes beyond a mere apartment purchase or investment. It’s an opportunity to invest in an area known for its high quality of life, green surroundings, vibrant community, and exceptional, prestigious specifications.

Types of apartments:

A high-end residence influenced by the aesthetics of Israel’s main meat exporter. Featuring hints of burgundy from the Argentinian Malbec grape alongside black tones and enchanting wood accents.

The goldsmith’s house
Gold, the epitome of luxury, is a residence that’s a true jewel!
Opulent design featuring gold chandeliers intertwined with graceful lines, simillar to jewelry. Experience luxury and pampering.

The hacker’s house
A home characterized by a mysterious and intriguing uniqueness, with captivating serving utensils and sleek, straight lines. Create a mysterious feeling.

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