Orot Bedorot

Orot Bedorot is the future of Jewish settlement in eastern Gush Dan. 

In accordance with the statement of the head of the council, an area of two hundred dunam is encouraged saturated residential construction of about ten units per dunam.

Orot Bedorot intends to be a settlement, intended for inhabitants of religious Zionism, families who seek to extend Jewish settlements in this part of the country. Meny group, in collaboration with Afikim Group, who are specialized in marketing for an (ultra) orthodox sector, with all benefits in one place.

Sequence of Jewish settlement

Spectacular views of the entire Samaria region 360 meters above sea-level

High quality construction standards

Plenty of public buildings, such as: educational institutes, synagogues, parks, country club, swimming pool, and sport fields

100% privately not encumbered Jewish land

Right and pledge network (not state lands or Melia lands)

No taxes nor improvement levy

Payment for planning only after execution of the land

Sales agreement -the company undertakes after thaw to be eligible for building the apartment

How much does it cost?

Per unit of 100m2 NIS 150,000

We offer options for non-bank financing and financing for any other purpose

Free consultation