Do not say when I turn away, lest I turn away (Tractate Avot, Chapter 2, Mishnah 4)

MennyGroup is home to all areas of financial real estate - all under one roof. Meny Group has a long list of satisfied customers in the fields of real estate and finance.

Real Estate and project management

The combination of Entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance receive a professional response. Our marketing and professional team create connections between those who want to buy a property and those who are looking for an investor or financing for a real estate project. "Meny Group" also specializes in building projects, marketing, and entrepreneurship of projects, both in creating financing sources for the purchase of projects and in bringing investors to each real estate project. At the same time, "Meny Group" jointly starts and markets with leading real estate companies in the field, A wide and diverse selection of apartments in construction projects, agricultural land, and various real estate projects throughout Israel. If you are interested in buying a property, or alternatively you have a property and you wish to sell or improve it, the experts of Meny Group will go with you throughout. From revaluating the property by a professional appraiser, through obtaining financing to buy a new property or to improving the existing property, to finding a buyer for the property


Our connections in the field can get you the affordable financing offer – whether it is a second mortgage loan or a balloon, bank financing, or non-bank financing - in the Finance Department, you can get the best service for any transaction on the table. Any person, private or business in need of a bank or non-bank financing, ranging from half a million shekels to one hundred million shekels, will receive a professional response under the best conditions available on the market. In fact, every loan – from a mortgage through financing projects to businesses to an all-purpose loan – receives a professional and quick response

Sales and Marketing

The marketing company of "Meny Group", the subsidiary of Global Unites, specializes in digital activity and the creation of leads in the real estate and finance fields in all media channels. From setting up the brand, business collaborations, setting up a dedicated site, professional accompaniment, creating quality leads for every customer in all channels.

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