Financing sources

Alongside the financial tools and products offered to Meni Group’s customers, there is a broad mortgage market in Israel, whose main and basic components are important to know. In our company, customers will be able to benefit from advice from the professional staff, so that we can enjoy a comfortable and worthwhile mortgage.
Who said that at a late age there are also no advantages? At Meny Group, we allow those aged 55 and over to benefit from a reverse mortgage. One that allows high financing percentages as the age increases and restitution of interest and principal only after the death of the borrower through the heirs or in the realization of the asset
The framework of work in which you are located allows you significant security and financial backing. Within the same framework, it is possible to realize loans from provident funds, advanced study funds and pension funds

“Meny Group” customers can currently benefit from balloon loans – loans intended for the short term, in which the loan amount can be repaid at the end of a predetermined period. Interested in a loan for an attractive real estate deal? Feel free to contact us today.

While the capital market is booming, the leading indices on the stock market are steeply declining, rising interest rates are a global trend and large investors are already shifting their investments in safer directions.