As Jews, we long for the Land of Israel. We yearn for the spirituality, the connection, and the richness of life in the Holy Land.

We visit, and our cups are filled…but only temporarily. To experience Israel as a tourist is one thing, but to live in Israel, to make a home in the Holy Land, that is another.

There is nothing like immersing yourself in Israel’s rich culture and feeling the energy that hums between Jews of all stripes – from soldiers to doctors, from academics to high-tech magnates. By living here, we join the current of history and add our own chapter to the story.

But immigrating to Israel is not simple. Adapting to a new culture, a different mentality, the question of security and other issues can be daunting. But what if there was a way to maintain the comfortable standards of American life while living the dream of Israel?

Welcome to Green Hills.

Imagine a private neighborhood set atop rolling green hills, offering breathtaking views and fresh air in every direction. Around you are Olim just like you, who appreciate style, luxury, and the highest quality of life.
At Green Hills, we bring American quality and standard to the elite Dati Leumi town of Karnei Shomron, one of the most stunning and strategic locations in all of Israel. Karnei Shomron offers beauty, comfort, serenity, and community – the perfect combination for your new home.

Together, the possibilities are endless.

What we create together:

A unique for foreign residential including, stunning Dati Leumi neighborhood designed exclusively for foreign residents.


Including the finest education for children of all ages, local doctors of the highest caliber, synagogues, a private swimming pool, a country club, basketball and football fields, bike paths and running trails.


A real community of like-minded people who gather during
social events throughout the year.


A combination of the best in urban and suburban living.


A foundation for families and rising generations who
wish to make Aliyah in the future

What you bring:

A love for Israel and a desire to build it.
A need for real community and a sense of belonging.
A yearning to put down roots for your family and future generations.
A high caliber of discernment and taste.

What we bring:

A desire to invest in Israel and help it flourish.
The most beautiful land available in Israel..
Decades of experience in planning, development, management and construction.
Professionalism and skill on par with the American market.

Where is

Green Hills?

Located on a mountain ridge in the town of Karnei Shomron, Green Hills is the perfect place for your new home.

Karnei Shomron is in East Gush Dan, in the center of the country. Just 15 minutes from the Morasha Junction, residents have easy access to Tel Aviv (35 min), Bnei Brak (20 min), Kfar Saba (10 min.), Givat Shmuel (35 min), Petach Tikvah (35 min), and much more. Back at home, they enjoy the lush scenery of the Shomron, 360 meters above sea level, overlooking the entire region. They breathe in the invigorating mountain air and spectacular views on all sides.


In town, a commercial center will feature stores, entertainment complexes, and businesses, bringing the conveniences of the city to small-town life.

History and value of the project

Green Hills was purchased in 1950’s as a plot of agricultural land. Forty years later, the Israeli government opted to rezone the area for residential building and expansion. That vision never got off the ground until 2018, when Meny Group Marketing and Entrepreneurship, a Jewish-owned company, stepped forward to develop Green Hills. By 2020 the necessary approvals were in place to move forward. This is where you come in.


Whether you are looking to make aliyah, invest in property, or build a home for your family or future generations, you are invited to join the Green Hills story.

Strong Roots…Magnificent Blooms

Currently, 300 units of agricultural land are available for development. Buyers invest in a unit of 300 square meters, which is designated for three 100-meter apartments. They then give the unit to the contractor, who will build the buyer’s apartment at no cost and keep the two others. The buildings will be designed and constructed in American style, with imported materials of the best quality. The construction standards of the homes and public buildings will also be at the highest level, ensuring an exclusive neighborhood of taste and beauty.

The new chapters of the Green Hill future, when the land becomes a beautiful,
 flourishing Olim community with you and your family at the center.


By 2022, these properties will be worth 12% more than they are at present. By 2025, they are projected to be worth $1.5 million. Additionally, 100 million NIS has been invested into the surrounding area for a business and shopping district, which will only increase the value of the residences.


Now begins the next chapter of the Green Hills story, when the land becomes a beautiful, flourishing Olim community with you and your family at the center.

Including Costs:

Apartment construction and development cost: 8,000 NIS per square meter.


  • All payments are transferred to a trust and will not be released until the registration process is completed.
  • NO VAT (17%)

Cost Breakdown:

1 unit , 300 m2/3229.17 square feet : 500,000 NIS

2 units, 600 m2/6458.34 square feet : 850,000 NIS

4 units (1,2 dunam): 1,600,000 NIS

Additional costs:

5% accompaniment in the entire transaction progress, including attorney costs.

After receipt of the license for building and development, 90,000 NIS is to be paid.

Opportunity 2:

Meny Group will build your apartment on 100m2, using the value of the other 200m2 (value 1,000,000).


The building costs and the development cost for your apartment will be 800,000 NIS (8,000 NIS/m2), the balance of 200,000 NIS is used for road and facilities development.


In fact, with this opportunity, you purchase a luxury apartment of 100m2 for only 450,000 NIS!

Opportunity 1:

Sell your land before building. In 2-3 years, the value is indicated at 1,500,000 NIS


Meny Group guarantees to
buy the land before building.

Your investment in the best hands

Green Hills is the product of only the finest professionals.
The entrepreneur: Meny Group Enterprise and Sales. Alongside developing projects and securing investors, they collaborate with leading real estate companies in a wide variety of real estate enterprises all over Israel. In cooperation with Afikim Group who is well known for their projects of properties and investments in Israel for more than 30 years in management, rezoning, and planning.
Meny Group have built hundreds of properties all over Israel and developed unparalleled expertise in rezoning and construction.
As a Jewish-owned project run by top professionals and moving forward with the support of the government, Green Hills is a guaranteed success.


When it comes to real estate acquisition in Israel, the smartest choice is buying agricultural land dedicated of appointed for residential building. The reason is simple: land prior to rezoning costs 75% less than rezoned property, and when it is eventually built upon, the land value increases by hundreds of percent.

In other words, it’s an exponential return on investment.

Even more, the value of the land rises in tandem with local real estate. And in Israel, real estate value is always increasing.

Your investment in the best hands

Optimal location in East Gush Dan, 15 minutes from Morasha Junction


Stunning mountain scenery


High quality construction and amenities


Endorsement of local and national government and building authorities


Streamlined development process with no risk of delays


Expert professionals managing and marketing the project


Collateral under the close supervision of an expert lawyer and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)


Huge projected Return of Investment (ROI)


Like-minded population


Green Hills more information:

John Garcia



+ 972 58 6690019